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© 2017 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 Appirio Performance Enablement Transformation Increase talent development and employee engagement through ongoing feedback and coaching to enhance your Worker Experience Over the past several years, many organizations have revisited their philosophy and approach to performance management, to drive greater alignment with expectations between managers and staff. Traditional performance management processes are no longer seen as value added because they are labor intensive, riddled with rater bias, and don't provide the feedback and coaching that employees need to thrive. According to a CEB survey, 95% of managers are dissatisfied with their performance reviews/ management systems. To truly drive an enhanced worker experience, organizations need to stop trying to manage performance and instead focus on enabling it. While these concepts are not all new, many organizations struggle with where to start. It takes the right blend of people, process, and technology enablement to build a feedback and development- driven culture. That's where Appirio's experienced, free-thinking strategy consultants come in. • Educate on current market trends and driving forces behind the case for changing the existing PM process. • Respond to expectations of today's workers, by providing more frequent feedback, coaching, and development opportunities. • Reduce the administrative burden of existing formal performance management cycle. • Create create more meaningful, ongoing dialogue between managers and staff. • Enhance the ability to evaluate and manage the organization's talent. • Focus on behavior and culture change to ensure adoption of process and technology enhancements. What Makes Appirio Performance Enablement Different? Our focus on exceptional worker and customer experiences will provide employees, managers, and leaders with the best opportunities to manage their talent and careers. • Free-thinking, experienced consultants help consider "the art of the possible", and recommend solutions that fit with organizational needs and culture. • Appirio's Virtuous Cycle identifies the key Worker Experience outcomes (engaged, productive and agile) and the corresponding capabilities that drive success. • We understand that people managers make or break the Performance Enablement function. Our Transformational Change Enablement capabilities drives the culture and behaviors needed to achieve desired business outcomes. Appirio's Performance Enablement Transformation Offering provides the strategy and roadmap to make this jump a reality We will work with your key stakeholders to develop a program to: The Shift from Performance Management to Performance Enablement Driving an enhanced Worker Experience Disconnected Leadership Goals Cascaded Goals Aligned to Current Business Need Feedback-Driven Culture Effort Spread Throughout the Year Focused on Professional and Career Development & Growth Compensation Tied to Business & Market Benchmarks Continuous Collaboration with Manager & Employee Rating-Driven Culture Time Consuming for Both Managers and Employees Focused on Organizational Targets and Growth Bell Curve Ranking Methodology Corporately Mandated Once or Twice a Year PERFORMANCE ENABLEMENT Engaging New Approach vs PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT Traditional Formal Approach

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