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© 2018 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 DEPLOY AND THRIVE Deploy new ways of learning and execute continuous improvement SET THE STAGE Build the necessary infrastructure to support a microlearning culture The Future of Learning How to Compete with an On-Demand World The Appirio Solution Did you know? CURRENT STATE ANALYSIS Understand how employees work today and identify any gaps Value of Microlearning Meets expectations of modern learner More cost effective Ease of updates Increases engagement Puts the learner in control 8 SECONDS 53% 70% The current attention span of a human…1 second less than a goldfish! The # of mobile site visitors that will leave a page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. The increase in time spent on pages that load within 5 seconds. Rapidly changing technology has posed a new challenge for organizations. In the era of an on-demand society, how can we engage our employees in a way that mirrors their outside lives? If you can't adapt to the new way people learn and communicate, how can you successfully engage and develop your employees? ... your most valuable asset. Allowing you to engage the users on their level through: Blogs Games Infographics Podcasts Social Media Videos Digital Signs Websites Quickly accessible Relevant right now Focused on one concept Easy to consume Easy to produce Innovation to Engage your Workforce Appirio's microlearning offering provides engaging solutions to drive employee development, workforce productivity, and better business outcomes. Whether you are undergoing a Workday implementation or looking for a solution to provide ongoing development programs for your employees; connecting with your employees requires an innovative approach. The solution ... Microlearning!

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