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© 2017 Appirio, Inc. 888.680.7227 5 Things That Set Us Apart 1. We Work Differently: A Culture of Free-Thinking Consultants Our free-thinking consultants — many of whom are practitioners themselves — challenge conventional thinking to lead your organization in the creation of next-generation Worker and Customer Experiences. 2. Actionable Strategy Our strategic guidance focuses on the investments in people, process, and technology to spark change and deliver results in days and weeks, not months and years. 3. The Appirio Cloud Enablement Suite We deliver every project using the Appirio Cloud Enablement Suite — a one-of-a-kind suite of applications, pre-built solution accelerators, and access to a one million-member crowdsourcing community. 4. Cloud Management We provide ongoing advice, enhancements, support, and administration of your cloud solutions, allowing you to focus on transforming your business. 5. We Practice What We Preach We run our own global business 100% on cloud-based technology. MARKETING CLOUD FOR THE WORKER EXPERIENCE Transforming Employee Engagement & Communication Fewer than ⅓ of Employees truly feel engaged at work... And unengaged employees make for unhappy customers. Leading companies recognize that the Worker Experience is in the midst of a revolution. Today's workers expect a personalized experience from the moment they are recruited, and expect the quality of internal communications throughout their careers to rival those of the marketing communications they receive outside of their jobs. In short, workers expect that employers communicate with them as well as brands communicate with their consumers. Leading companies recognize that to create an exceptional Worker Experience, they must deliver consumer-grade experiences — messages that are delivered when workers expect them and that leverage the channels workers prefer. And they must deliver these messages without adding undue cost and effort to the message creation and delivery process. The Salesforce platform offers employers unparalleled tools to support this revolution. In particular, Salesforce Marketing Cloud allows HR professionals to leverage the power of audience segmentation, dynamic content, worker journeys, and engagement measurement to deliver personalized, automated, and responsive messages through the channels workers favor. Marketing Cloud for "Day Zero" Top talent is being actively recruited at all times and with so much activity that it can be difficult to stand out. Leveraging Marketing Cloud's state-of- the-art messaging and automation capabilities will transform "Day Zero" activities: • Build eye catching communications that are incredibly targeted to the candidate and calls out what's important to them. • Allow candidates to choose the channels they prefer when receiving recruiting communications — email, SMS, social, and mobile push. • Gain immediate insight into recruitment communication performance so that you are able to analyze and adjust your message in real time to support the changing candidate market. • Automate the Recruitment Journey with drip campaigns appropriate for the target candidate's interests and interactions. Trigger internal follow-ups for priority candidates based on activity and actions. Suddenly, the recruiter is no longer chasing candidates and screaming for attention, they're crafting, analyzing, and automating their recruitment processes to be smarter and more effective.

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