Partner with Appirio and Google to Automate Self-service Laptops for Your Employees

November 21, 2018 Erik Lea

Appirio is an early adopter partner of Google’s new Grab and Go program, which helps employees quickly get up and running with the technologies critical to today’s businesses.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Less downtime
  • Increased security
  • Lower maintenance
  • Greater workforce mobility

News UK is leveraging these benefits as part of a major Enterprise Mobility Programme, and Appirio is working closely with their Techbar staff to implement Google’s Grab and Go service.

Interested in creating a frictionless experience for your employees while streamlining your IT organization’s focus on asset tracking, security, and helpdesk ticketing? Contact Appirio for more details at

Operating as a Google Customer and Partner since 2006, Appirio thrives on and helps deliver long-term agility through Google’s innovative services. With solutions like Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and a consistent consumer-grade user interface, we can help increase productivity and collaboration across your organization and create a better worker experience for all.  

Explore the full breadth of our Google practice here.

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