Marketing Automation: 3 Questions with Ashley Stepien

April 3, 2014

Marketing technology has become a big topic over the last few years. There has been an explosion of new tools on the market, addressing different channels that were previously unmanageable. Along with this, large vendors like Oracle, Salesforce, and Microsoft are starting to buy up the smaller players, resulting in a lot of confusion and change in the industry. Consequently, CMOs have take more ownership over technology budgets, leading to a lot of debate over the future of corporate technology spending. Back in June of 2013, Forrester Research identified the need for marketers to own their own technology strategy, including: Build a road map of technology must-haves. Determine the role of the marketer in making vendor selections. Develop the technology skills appropriate to your company's needs All this requires expertise, and that's where Ashley Stepien steps in. In this brief, three-question interview, Ashley talks a bit about what is happening to the marketing technology market, and what platforms are gaining maturity. Ashley also gives some advice on how businesses should think about segmenting their customers for online marketing.

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CX: Stay Relevant with Salesforce’s Marketing and Community Clouds

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