Appirio and FinancialForce Help Professional Services Companies Operate in the Cloud

May 23, 2018

The way businesses reach and service customers is continuously evolving. This constant change is pressuring professional services companies to develop an autonomous work environment that lets workers focus on the customer. Too many services teams continue to do a big part of their work on spreadsheets, making managing a project from start to finish an unnecessarily slow and burdensome process. They lack the time and information needed to balance revenue growth and customer satisfaction, and are struggling to keep up with competitors operating under more agile conditions in the cloud.

Appirio and FinancialForce, a leading ERP native to the Salesforce platform, have teamed up to assist services companies. The partnership leverages FinancialForce Professional Services Automation (PSA) to enable greater visibility across sales, services delivery, and finance. In the current landscape, services teams are overwhelmed with non-customer-facing tasks such as optimizing billable utilization, revenue, average project margin, and backlog management. Appirio’s unique approach to solving this challenge is to focus on improving the experiences services teams have at work, so that their time and energy is freed up for the customer.

As one of Salesforce’s largest global partners, Appirio is uniquely positioned to help FinancialForce customers integrate other existing Salesforce capabilities such as Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud, Salesforce App Cloud, and Salesforce Wave Analytics. This capability enables greater connectivity and efficiency across teams. Sales and services, for example, can seamlessly share information using the same customer account records, user interface, log-in, reporting tools, and much more.

Appirio’s partnership with FinancialForce has expanded over the years. Beginning in 2011, when FinancialForce acquired PS Enterprise from Appirio, continuing with Appirio using FinancialForce PSA as its own consulting operations system, and evolving into what it is today — a strategic global partnership that helps companies use cloud to create better worker and customer experiences.

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