Appirio Combines Services From Google and to Create New On-demand Offerings

June 5, 2007 Appirio

Appirio Customers Benefit From Integrations between Google and Services, Expect More From New Alliance

SAN FRANCISCO–(June 5)–Appirio, the first partner to be certified as both a consulting and AppExchange partner, and a member of the Google Enterprise Professional™ Program, today announced additional products and service initiatives based upon the broader alliance between the two companies.

Appirio has helped several customers use Google AdWords™, Google Apps™, and Google APIs with’s Web services API, on-demand platform and CRM applications to create unique mashups, gadgets and integrations that drive business value. In addition, Appirio has published several Google Gadgets for Salesforce, including Sales Sleuth™, Opportunity Knocks™, and Case Watcher™, on the AppExchange ( and the Google Gadget Gallery.

“Google and share a common vision of a Business Web that brings the benefits of on-demand to businesses of all sizes,” said CEO Marc Benioff. “By embracing the open nature of the Internet, we are allowing an entire industry to innovate using our collective platforms. Appirio has been one of our most innovative partners in creating solutions that utilize both the and Google platforms to drive customer value.”

Appirio CEO Chris Barbin says the new alliance will have a broad market impact. “On-demand applications from Google and are unleashing the power of the Internet for business users. Just as the Internet changed our daily lives as consumers, on-demand software will eventually disrupt or redefine every business application category. The Google – alliance will accelerate this shift. Appirio will build upon our existing expertise and thought leadership by creating more combined solutions that harness Google and services and technology. We look forward to releasing additional solutions that extend the reach of the new Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords.”

Several Appirio customers use and Google together today. “We use Appirio’s Google Gadgets and Salesforce for Google AdWords to improve our ability to reach customers and small suppliers for our spend management services,” said Sukhi Singh, COO of OpsTechnology. “More touch points between and Google will be exciting. I foresee Salesforce Group Edition featuring Google AdWords becoming a standard for small companies in our target industries.”

For more information about Appirio’s Google Gadgets for, along with services for Google and customers, please visit

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