Appirio Launches Edition of Appirio Gadget Builder for iGoogle

September 13, 2007 Appirio

Appirio Gadget Builder for iGoogle lets business users create secure, customizable dashboards of data inside their iGoogle™ home pages

SAN FRANCISCO, September 13, 2007 — Appirio, a Google Enterprise Professional™ and consulting and AppExchange partner, released a public beta of its Appirio Gadget Builder for iGoogle, Edition today. The Gadget Builder allows customers to create views of their data to display lists, charts, and graphs on an iGoogle™ personalized web page. Adoption of the iGoogle homepage is rapidly accelerating across businesses, and Appirio’s Gadget Builder will help users integrate critical business and consumer data in a single console.

“Appirio launched four Google Gadgets for last spring, and 40 more Gadgets last month in the Appirio Enterprise Gadget Gallery. The Appirio Gadget Builder is an exciting evolution of their strategy, and it’s exactly what we envisioned for enterprise customers to get the most from the iGoogle homepage,” said Jeff Ragusa, Partner Solutions Engineer for Google Enterprise.

Appirio’s Google Gadgets for are now being used by over 600 companies. The Gadgets install with just one click from the Google Enterprise Solutions Gallery,’s AppExchange, or Appirio’s Enterprise Gadget Gallery.  The Gadget Builder, now available on Appirio’s homepage, will be available soon on the AppExchange and the Google Enterprise Solutions Gallery. Pricing is currently free for all customers.

Chris Barbin, Appirio’s CEO, said, “We’re excited about the adoption level of the iGoogle homepage and our Enterprise Gadgets for The demand for new gadgets from our customers, R&D, and the Google Enterprise team led to our development of the Gadget Builder, which can create and deploy a gadget in less than five minutes. The iGoogle homepage is an opportunity to provide a single view into leading SaaS solutions. Ultimately, we envision making information from other SaaS solutions like Workday, Rearden Commerce or SuccessFactors available on iGoogle. is a demonstrated leader in the on-demand market and its unparalleled open APIs made it our initial focus for the Appirio Gadget Builder.”

Appirio will showcase the Gadget Builder with Google and at Dreamforce,’s annual user conference, from September 16-19, 2007. Appirio will also announce two additional SaaS solutions, and speak in twelve sessions at Dreamforce. Visit for information on the conference and an exclusive executive event being hosted by Appirio, Google, and

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