Small Businesses Tap Into Global Talent

December 11, 2015 Appirio

It used to be that only huge corporations had employees working across the globe. But with heightened competition for top talent and collaboration technology that provides easy interaction to people in far-away markets, it has become more common for small and midsize businesses to employ workers internationally.

“It has become very easy to move work anywhere with little transactional cost,” said Ravin Jesuthasan, global head of talent management for human resources advisory Towers Watson & Co.

From finding freelance workers on websites like eLance and TopCoder to building regional offices in new markets, recruiting global talent is now a realistic business model for companies of all sizes.

That is giving smaller organizations a competitive advantage, said Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter Inc., a recruitment platform where companies can post openings to more than 100 job boards at once. ZipRecruiter recruits engineers from across the world, allowing them to work from home rather than relocate to the company’s headquarters in Santa Monica, California.


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