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January 23, 2019 Dawn Oliveira

What is the Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification?

The Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification is the newest credential in the Salesforce professional lineup, and the first certification specific to the Nonprofit industry. In the last year, has made a concerted effort to create dedicated enablement paths for the Nonprofit and Education industries. In addition to launching new certifications (Education Cloud certification is coming in Spring 2019), Salesforce has also released new targeted Trailhead content for Nonprofit customers and consultants.

What happened next? 
A group of Appirian’s responded to the initial (SFDO) call for beta exam content. They compiled a series of questions and topics they felt were critical to evaluating nonprofit industry and solution knowledge. Appirians also provided feedback on the recommended prerequisites and learning path to help individuals prepare for the certification exam.

In November 2018, Appirio had 10+ consultants take the beta exam consisting of 120 questions. During this beta phase, testers had the opportunity to provide feedback on each question and suggest edits, rewording, as well as flag ambiguous answer choices. Through this iterative process, SFDO cut the 120-question beta exam in half - there are 60 questions on the generally available (GA) version. 

To date, a dozen Appirio consultants have passed the beta exam and received their Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certifications - many of whom are members of our dedicated Nonprofit/Higher Education practice. Now that the GA exam has been released, even more Appirians are studying and signing up, and we hope to expand our certified expert pool in 2019!

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What’s the value?
A Nonprofit Cloud Consultant certification enables our team members to validate their professional experience. It also demonstrates a commitment to expanding our knowledge of industry trends and products. In addition to the certification, our consultants are up to speed with the newest Trailhead content, continue to work with dozens of customers and participate in industry events and conferences to be at the forefront of the nonprofit technology space.

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 "The one bummer about beta exams is that you don’t find out right away!  I always create flashcards before I take a test. Studying for the exam? Here's the link to my flashcards. Hope they help!"

- Ken Steinman, Senior Consultant at Appirio

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