The Spring 2020 Release of Appirio DX is Here

May 27, 2020 Roarke Lynch

 Appirio DX is already helping organizations transform how they innovate by embracing DevOps – they now build smarter, deliver faster, reduce risk, and realize the full value of the Salesforce platform. And now the Spring 2020 release of Appirio DX is here. 

The Spring 2020 Release includes a beautiful new interface, enhanced team management, and enhanced support for CICD tooling. 



Updated Interface 

The Appirio DX application has a new look. It is crisp, clean, and minimalistic, making navigating the app a snap. The new interface provides a pleasant, streamlined developer experience. DevOps has become a lot easier and a heck of a lot more attractive!  

Team Management  

The Spring 2020 release introduces teams. Create as many teams as you need and centrally manage the projects, tools, and orgs used to develop your next innovation. Each team has a unique toolbox of local applications, sandboxes, utilities, and web services. Team members are notified when their local system is out of sync with team defaults, tools need updating or credentials expire. 

Enhanced Support for CI Tooling 

Appirio DX now includes additional support for many popular CI tools including Azure DevOps, Bitbucket, CircleCI, GitLab CI, and Jenkins. Your team does not have to lose valuable time learning a new CI tool. We can support what you are already using! 


In addition to the Appirio DX software, we also provide a range of services, both structured and custom, to assist with the adoption and maturity of Salesforce DevOps.  

DevOps is a significant trend in the Salesforce ecosystem. Like the migration to Lightning, it is a critical next step for organizations that want to deliver more value, faster, at lower risk.   

Appirio DX closes the gaps to adopting and executing DevOps principles by building upon Salesforce DX. Our tools, methodologies, and DevOps Experts can help with your DevOps transition. We guide organizations moving from legacy release management to DevOps regardless of the maturity of their operations.   

Appirio DX services include:  


If your Salesforce DevOps journey is underway, or you want to transform your organization with DevOps but don’t know how, now is a great time to take a look at Appirio DX. The new release makes it easier than ever to realize the dual DevOps goals of rapid innovation and system reliability. With Appirio DX, you can build smarter, deliver faster, reduce risk, and realize the full value of the Salesforce platform.  

Want to learn more? Sign up for a demo.  

About the Author

Roarke Lynch

Roarke Lynch is Director of DevOps and Appirio Labs for Appirio’s Products and Innovation team. He is 8x Salesforce certified and has been developing and integrating on the Salesforce platform for over eight years. Roarke is from the Washington D.C. area and now lives with his wife in Houston, TX. In his spare time, you’ll find him chasing his one-year-old, fostering kittens, or geeking out over math, science, and economic innovations.

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