How Appirio Wins in Retail

September 6, 2018 Jessica Vogler

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Retail is known for its customer service. In fact, most of retail’s focus goes into making a great Customer Experience (CX), since happy customers lead to a successful business. But lately, retailers have not only taken a closer look at their customer experience, but they are looking more closely at their Worker Experience (WX) too. 

The retail industry is catching on that the WX directly affects the CX, so they want their workers to be as happy and satisfied as their customers — if not more so. Yet, the issue is that businesses don’t know how to compare, let alone match their WX to their CX. 

HCM and the Worker Experience

The Human Capital Management (HCM) market is maturing — partly because of the current evolution in the WX. Retail organizations no longer want to simply turn on their new HCM system. 

Chart depicting the steps of the Appirio Virtuous Cycle and how to align HR Experience and Worker ExperienceAs our Virtuous Cycle for HR shows, our partners want to transform their HR program and create a better, more robust worker experience. This means transparency, easily accessible information, clear insight into goals and career planning, and focus on a worker-centric culture with programs around diversity and inclusion. 

Appirio’s Virtuous Cycle

As Appirio’s Virtuous Cycle explains, WX and CX are intrinsically linked. You cannot have one without the other. If a worker is dissatisfied and not feeling engaged, they are less likely to have a positive attitude while performing their job - and that will directly affect your customer. 

On top of the Virtuous Cycle and understanding how the WX and CX work together, Appirio created a Persona-led transformation in order to realize the impact your HCM deployment will have on your workforce. This also helps us determine when and where you need to be preparing each persona, starting at the path of deployment and going all the way to the go-live date. Setting the expectations early as your deployment moves forward will enable your workers to be fully engaged and open to adopting a new HCM platform. Understanding how the new tenant will affect each persona in your workforce will ensure that you are making the most of Workday and its capabilities. 

A successful business starts with its people. And understanding the needs and wants of your workforce, as well as their journey will enable your business to Thrive. Appirio also offers tools that focus on empowering your front line, such our Manager Enablement solution

Empowering retail workers to communicate and collaborate effectively in real-time while in diverse environments is another recognized gap in WX, which is why our Retail Franchise Communications Lightning Bolt plays a key role in our industry offering as well.  This is how we are winning in Retail; by making sure the Worker Experience exceeds the Customer Experience. 

Do you want to learn more about the Virtuous Cycle and how Appirio works to improve the HR and Worker Experience? Check out our Workday-related blogs at the Appirio Hub

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