A Day of Badges: The First Trailhead Lock-in

February 22, 2016 John Gorup


One of the best additions to the Salesforce platform in the last few years has little to do with CRM, mobile technology, or data. It’s Trailhead, Salesforce’s fun, innovative public learning tool. Trailhead lets admins, developers, and business users develop important skills on the Salesforce platform. Users learn at their own pace by following different “trails” and earning badges. Every Salesforce admin and developer should be spending some of their free time learning on Trailhead. But that’s the problem, isn’t it? A Salesforce admin or developer with free time is about as common as good Wi-Fi at Dreamforce. It just doesn’t happen.

This past Friday, the Indianapolis Salesforce User Group hosted “Trailhead Lock-in” to tackle this free time problem. 40+ admins and developers gathered at the Appirio HQ office to focus on raising their Trailhead Badge count. Of course, anyone who’s crammed for a college exam knows that learning requires mass quantities of pizza. In total, the user group Trailheaders consumed:

  • 19 pizzas
  • 3 gallons of salad
  • 72 breadsticks
  • 100+ beverages

This resulted in 302 badges earned over the course of the day.

Salesforce has provided a great learning tool, but it’s only as good as its usage. The Indy user group plans to make the Trailhead Lock-in a regularly occurring event. Other user groups should follow their lead. And if you’ve never been to a user group meeting, find one in your area and join up.

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