Meet Veeva: CRM for the Life Sciences

December 26, 2018 Sourabh Sharma

Veeva is a CRM application built on the Salesforce platform designed specifically for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. They are a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. It helps pharma companies manage sales, control operations, and follow health industry regulations.

Veeva CRM includes a data model, application logic, and a tailored user interface to support the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. It also leverages the standard Salesforce reporting, configuration, and maintenance capabilities.

The following is a chart of the Veeva architecture:


As you can see, the Veeva CRM architecture consists of user interface logic and controls, the data model, and data-oriented logic. Veeva CRM uses APEX triggers for data-oriented logic, and server-based Java code using for user interface logic. The controls are written in both JavaScript and Flash.

Check out these Veeva products:


Web browser-based product designed for administrators, managed markets, and medical science liaisons. It's Veeva’s product that provides access to all Veeva functionality.

iRep — CRM + CLM + iPad

Veeva’s Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) module puts rich media into your sales team’s hands, so they can use the most compelling visuals available to engage physicians and key opinion leaders. Also, using iRep on your iPad doesn’t mean you don’t have access to the online functionality. The full online version can be accessed via a menu option in iRep once connected to the internet. This leverages the same configuration as the VBioPharma online application.

VMobile Tablet

This is developed specifically for primary care reps and provides much of the same functionality as the VBioPharma online application. It also supports signature capture.

VMobile Blackberry

This getsmobile sales reps in touch with the latest data. It requires synchronization with a server and does not support signature capture.

VMobile PDA

This is a companion application of the VBioPharma online application. It requires synchronization with a server but supports signature capture.

VMobile iPhone

VMobile is a companion application to the VBioPharma online application for iPhone. It must be connected to the internet and does not support signature capture.


Veeva Systems has designed and implemented the first pre-built, hosted field analytics solution for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries in VInsights. VInsights integrates third-party sales data with your Veeva CRM account profiles, call activity, scheduling, and cycle plans, to deliver actionable field insights. VInsights data-driven architecture empowers your field sales people with the right information, at the right time, in the right location.

VEEVA Advantages

  • Veeva CRM is now the foundation on which the pharmaceutical industry is innovating its sales and marketing models for the future. Also, iRep has become the industry’s choice for CLM on the iPad.
  • Only Veeva CRM accommodates the unique needs of multiple commercial teams in a single solution. It improves user adoption and sales effectiveness, while reducing cost and complexity.
  • Veeva includes industry standardized healthcare professional (HCP), healthcare organization (HCO), and affiliate data for countries worldwide. This eliminates the need to subscribe to multiple external data sources.
  • Veeva provides an effective alternative to having in-house data stewards to verify updates to data. Hundreds of Veeva data stewards perform research and make outbound calls to confirm data accuracy. This frees up resources to focus on higher value business tasks. Sales and marketing can use the accurate customer and affiliations data for targeted programs, including enriching marketing lists on demand.


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