Appirio Dreamforce Coding Scavenger Hunt

November 16, 2009 Appirio

We are excited to announce the Appirio Dreamforce Coding Scavenger Hunt. You do not even have to be attending Dreamforce to win! There are three brainteasers for you to solve. All you need is a Salesforce Developer org and some APEX skills. As you solve each brainteaser, a key will be generated for you. Solve all three brainteasers, get all three keys and you can win! The first three people to solve all three brainteasers will win $500 dollars each. We will also be randomly selecting two competitors who completed the brainteasers to receive a copy of Jason Ouellette’s new book, Development with the Platform.

Each brainteaser should not take too much time, since we do want you to enjoy Dreamforce. The first brainteaser is very easy! All you have to do is register for the coding challenge here: Just enter your email address and name to generate the first key.

The second brainteaser will require you to call an external webservice from Salesforce. The WSDL for the webservice can be found here:

For the third brainteaser, you will code an inbound email handler in APEX. Once you have written your email handler, go to this page and enter the email handler’s email address and your email address to receive your third key.

When you have all your keys, go to this page and enter your email address and all three keys. If they match, you have an opportunity to win a prize! All solutions must be in by 9 AM PT on Friday 11/20.

Good luck!

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