Appirio is Making Big Changes to the Topcoder Community and Improving the Member Experience

November 19, 2015 Nicole Klemp


Exciting changes are coming to Topcoder™, Appirio’s crowdsourcing community. In a recent press release, Alexander Castro, Appirio’s Chief Technology Officer, announced the rollout of a platform redesign that will create a more engaging, user-friendly experience for members. Upgrades to the Topcoder website will allow members to better showcase their skills and produce even stronger solutions for customers.

“The revamped Topcoder platform provides users with an experience that is more consistent and intuitive,” says Castro. “These recent upgrades demonstrate Appirio’s continued commitment to crowdsourcing, the Topcoder community, and our customers.”

The first round of enhancements will include:

  • A new design and site structure — The upgraded header navigation and information architecture will make browsing the site easier, and users will love the new look and feel.
  • Improved member profiles — Upgrades to member profiles will make editing and adding content easier, and will allow members to better showcase their skills and accomplishments. Members can share what projects they’ve worked on through Topcoder as well as work from other sites, like GitHub.
  • Personalized member dashboard — Dashboard improvements will provide a more personalized experience for members (one tailored to their personal interests and activities) and will provide information about active challenges, future challenges, and events they may find interesting.
  • Easier registration and login — A big focus of these upgrades has been to make tasks like new user registration, login, and password reset faster and easier to navigate. Account Settings will also be streamlined so that members will no longer need to browse multiple pages to edit their information; everything will be housed in one place.
  • Improved mobile experience — To cater to the digital lifestyles of Topcoder members, the new site design will deliver an improved, responsive browsing experience when accessed on a mobile device.

Platform upgrades are powered by a scalable architecture, and new features will continue to be rolled out over the next year. Additional improvements will include: deeper integration of information from third-party sites into member profiles, the application of new design for additional site pages like the challenge detail page, challenge listing page, and community page — along with improved search and discovery.

“It’s very valuable for customers to be able to see the depth of talent and the skill of the crowdsourcing community. With the new profile page, we can now combine information about a member based on their performance on Topcoder, with additional information provided by a member as well as leading sites in the ecosystem. This is just the beginning of what we’ll be able to do with profiles,” says Castro.

To read about how companies are using Appirio’s crowdsourcing community to get more done faster, visit our crowdsourcing site. If you are interested in learning more about Topcoder, or want to become a member, visit or check out the Topcoder blog.

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