Chrome Extensions Every Salesforce Admin Should Have

August 12, 2015 Appirio

By Durgesh Dhoot


In my last blog I discussed the extensions that every developer should have. But aside from those extensions, there are many useful ones that admins should learn and adopt in their day-to-day lives as Salesforce Administrators.

Here is the list of a few extensions that are specially designed for administrative purposes: LOGINS from Toshihiro Takasu

Many admins have to manage multiple Salesforce orgs, or multiple Salesforce accounts. Eventually, it becomes tedious to manage all those credentials. This extension can help you manage your login information, and lets you login quickly. If you are not using any generic password utility plugin like LastPass, then this extension is definitely worth a look. This extension lets you create and manage various groups, and also has export and import functionality. Quick Login As from Kyle Peterson

Every administrator loves the Login As feature in Salesforce. This extension helps you login as any other user without having to search and navigate to a particular user’s detail page record.

Salesforce Admin Check All from Dan Pazehoski

Are you tired of checking all the field level access in permission sets and profiles? If yes, then this extension is going to reduce your trouble. The extension enhances the Salesforce setup pages by adding “check all” checkboxes to various checkbox lists. This enhanced functionality helps make some setup tasks more efficient by saving administrators from having to manually check each checkbox in a list, one-by-one.

SDFC Dev Console Data Exporter from Durgesh Dhoot

You can call this the “promotional ad” in the middle of the blog, but have you ever been required to export/copy data from Salesforce Developer Console directly? Sometimes we feel a need to copy multiple rows from Developer Console, or just a single click solution to export that queried data into a CSV file. Now this extension can help you to achieve this.

Download Visualforce Page/Component from satrangtech

Salesforce only allows you to download an Apex class or trigger code with the (standard) download button on the class/trigger detail page. This extension will add a download button on the Visualforce page and component, allowing you to download it all.

Salesforce Colored Favicons from Steve Babula

Do you ever get confused with the sandbox and production instances? Or, maybe while working on multiple instances and with many tabs open, you have to look at the url to identify the right instance. This extension automatically updates the icon for to display a colored cloud icon based on the current instance in your tab. Also, a separate ‘S’ icon indicates sandbox instances — very useful for the multi-tab administrator. Id Clipper from gokubi

This is a small, but useful open source tool to copy the Salesforce ID from the URL or from any record link.

As I conclude this 2-part series, I’d like to thank all the contributors who make our jobs easier.  There are surely many more interesting extensions available that I have missed. I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments section.

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