Enhancing the Meeting Experience with Jamboard

July 13, 2017 Appirio

By Cynthia Lipkovitch

As an Appirian, I can always count on experiencing the newest and most innovative products inside the Cloud. We’re fortunate enough to be encouraged at Appirio to test new features, and provide feedback to enhance the user experience. Google Jamboard is a recent addition to our Indianapolis office, and it is welcomed by many, since it provides opportunity for our remote workers to fully engage in meetings. Jamboard goes beyond expectations by bringing the power of the cloud into team brainstorms.

Allow me to paint the picture. You have only experienced the dry erase meeting, where all pertinent information is written and shared within the conference room. This scenario puts remote employees at a disadvantage — they can only see this whiteboard through a distanced camera. This obstacle denies those unable to attend the meeting the opportunity to contribute ideas, or even clear communication. What then happens when the meeting is over? Bits and pieces of information may be written down in a scratchpad or typed somewhere, never to be read again. While the “Do Not Erase” may be written on the board, it is inevitable that vital information will eventually be wiped away.

A solution to the obstacles uncovered by the “dry erase” meeting has now been discovered — Google Jamboard. Jamboard is a collaborative digital whiteboard that enhances the meeting experience virtually in real time, and allows all participants to fully contribute their ideas through the mobile application. Presenters are now able to create a “jam” session, and allow all meeting attendees to fully collaborate their thoughts and ideas by accessing the web, uploading images, sharing documents from their Drive, as well as writing on the “whiteboard” themselves — all without even attending the meeting in person.

Jamboard breaks down all the barriers that we have all experienced in the past, where information is lost, remote employees are at a disadvantage, and not every meeting attendee can fully engage. This problem is solved when meetings are moved from the whiteboard into the cloud. Google understands that not everyone can be present for meetings; therefore Jamboard’s “jams” are saved and can be sent to all parties to access at their convenience.

To experience the Jamboard firsthand, I met with my team (based in the UK and all over the US) to collaborate and test this new product. I immediately saw the benefits when we shared ideas from the web and included documents from our Google Drive into the “jam”. One of my favorite benefits from this experience is that it allowed all attendees to contribute their ideas and fully participate in all aspects of the meeting. When we were done, it was an easy “Send” option, and all that attended, as well as those that could not make it, had a copy of our session for their records.

Jamboard has a 55-inch screen with 4k display that features the best-in-class touch-response time. It has a built-in high-def camera, speakers, and Wi-Fi ability to broadcast your meetings globally with Google Hangouts. Included tools, like sticky notes, stencils, and intelligent features (like handwriting to type, and shape recognition) are included. Batteries are not required, as it has an intuitive single-cable setup. Jamboard comes in three bright colors — Cobalt Blue, Carmine Red, and Graphite Grey. It is competitively priced and can be purchased through Appirio.

If you are looking for a way to collaborate more efficiently, then Jamboard is the tool you need. There is no end to the possibilities of the great ideas that can be contributed with Jamboard.

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