Demo with Twilio

November 25, 2009 Appirio

Jeff Douglas

During Dreamforce 09 Kyle Roche and I participated in the Developer Hackathon. We hacked-up an application using and Twilio for inbound and outbound calling. We were only allotted two hours so we were not able to finish off the application during the hackathon.

Here is the final demo with all of the major working pieces. The application has two major parts:
  • Kyle’s part (much harder and more glamourous) uses the Twilioforce toolkit to make outbound calls from a contact in Salesforce. The user clicks the contact’s phone number and the platform makes an outbound call to the contact using Twilio. Once the contact picks up Twilio then calls the phone number on the user’s record and connects the two calls together.
  • My part of the application uses Twilio with a Sites application for inbound calling. The person calls a phone number that reads a script generated from a Sites page. The greeting welcomes the person, plays an MP3 and then prompts them to records a message. After they are finished with the message it posts the results to another Sites page with attaches the message to the contact’s record in Salesforce. It looks up the contact record based upon the incoming phone number.
Here’s a video of the final application.

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