Give Us a Tip, Win a Book

May 19, 2010 Jeff Douglas

In honor of Google I/O this week, our Google Center of Excellence (COE) team got together to lay out a few tips for using and extending the Google platform. These are tried and true techniques learned from dozens of successful Google enterprise implementations that we thought could make enterprise developers’ lives just a little bit easier. Hopefully you’ve been reading some of our posts this week, and enjoyed them so far.

Now it’s your turn. There are thousands of developers out there who have been using cloud technology from leaders like Google,, Amazon and others to do cool new things, or just to do traditional things in a much better way, and we want to hear from you. What are some of the tricks and tips you’ve learned along the way that could help others?

To encourage sharing, we’re giving away four books from three Appirio authors.

Simply comment on this blog with your tip or (if you’re feeling concise) tweet one to @appirio using #AppirioDevTips. We’ll choose four winners from these and send you the book!

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