Hey Salesforce Devs! Heroku Ain’t that Scary!

February 12, 2015 Jeff Douglas

I run the Heroku CoE at Appirio and therefore get pulled into a number of pre-sales calls that involve salesforce.com and Heroku. Typically once a week I’ll get the following reaction when talking to Salesforce developers about Heroku:

They’ll say something like,

We’re really good at Force.com development but that Heroku stuff is scary!

Au contraire, I tell them, development on Heroku is easier than you think. If you are already familar with Force.com it’s not that difficult to dip your toes in the Heroku water. There are a number of strategies for building customer facing apps but here’s a super simple app to get you started using NodeJS on Heroku in less than 5 minutes. The app has sample code for your hacking enjoyment that provides the functionality to query for and CRUD records in Salesforce.

To get started you need to signup for a free Heroku account and then install the Heroku Toolbelt. The Heroku Toolbelt provides you with the command line client, Git for version control and pushing your code to Heroku, and foreman for running your app locally. See the Getting Started on Heroku page for step-by-step instructions if you have issues.

The following video walks through the entire process of deploying the app to Heroku using the “Deploy to Heroku” button, cloning the repo locally, making changes and pushing those back to Heroku for your app. Feel free to skip the video and just deploy the app to Heroku to get started. You can find the code for the application on github.

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