Integrated Gmail Add-In for Firefox

October 14, 2009 Appirio

I came across a great new add-in for Firefox this afternoon. Personally, I have Firefox set to open Google Reader, Google Voice, and my Google Apps Mail app. The new Integrated Gmail feature for Firefox consolidates these windows into your Mail interface. Take a look below.

One of our most common questions asked is “How do I integrate my other Google services w/ Google Apps?”. While they are still working on integrating the services, you can get a step closer to a fluid interface with community add-ins such as this one. Since this add-in is using iFrames to build the tabbed view of the Google services, you’re out of the box experience is a bit awkward due to the multiple headers and search forms (one for each service in each tab). From the Tools -> Integrated Gmail menu in Firefox you can customize which of the

tags the add-in will render for each service. Basically, you can collapse all child headers and search forms… leaving a nice clean interface. I’ve only been using it a few hours now… but, seems to be keeping up nicely. We’re always interested in community projects that drive the adoption of on-demand technology. Drop us a line if you want to introduce us to new solutions!

(P.S. Only complaint so far… they snuck in a free ware feature on the Calendar tab for a third party free / busy type service. I have no opinion of that service, having never used it, but I’d rather enable my own features. Take note of it and make your own decision. But, be advised it’s enabled by default)

Other Views…

With the sidebar collapsed

With both the sidebar and the header collapsed

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