Recent Enhancements to G Suite Security

July 12, 2017 Appirio

By Cynthia Lipkovitch

Google is always working to add new security features to assist businesses in staying ahead of any potential threats. As a Cloud Management Specialist, part of my job is to advise Google customers of the most recent updates and releases that Google has implemented. Most recently, they have implemented new security features to keep up with the latest industry standards.

To better understand what each new feature does, let’s dive into each one of them and see how these new changes can protect you and your business from any potential threats or attacks.

Identifying phishing attempts

First, with the help of Google’s machine learning, early phishing detection uses a dedicated machine learning model that selectively delays messages to perform rigorous phishing analysis and further protect user data compromise. These delays can be up to four minutes, and will improve not only the timeliness of identifying phishing, but also the performance of additional checks on the email to ensure they are within the spam filter guidelines. Keep in mind that this is not to serve as a replacement for anti-malware/phishing software, but as an added benefit.

Sending caution to potentially harmful sites

Next, Google has created click time warnings for what they identify to be possible malicious links. The click time warning is integrated with Google Safe Browsing, which is used to find and flag phishy and suspicious URLs. When a potential hazardous link is clicked on, the user will be presented with a warning advising of the potential danger.

Warnings to prevent sending email to unintended recipients

Email senders will also notice a new change with emails that are being sent externally to new recipients. This unintended external reply warning has been designed to continuously help prevent data loss. This new warning is a bar that appears only once when an external email is sent to an unfamiliar address. This is to alert the sender that the email they are intending to send is going outside of the domain, so that they can prevent the message from going to an unintended recipient.

All of these changes were implemented in May 2017, and require no additional actions from any user. They are built-in improvements that will continue to fight off any potential malicious threats and scams for Google users. You can read more about these changes here. Before I leave you with all of this information, I wanted to remind you that if you believe your domain needs a health check, Appirio is happy to offer a security review health check!

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