Salesforce Spring '13 Highlights

March 15, 2013 Appirio

On Monday of this week Appirio Sr. Consultant and Salesforce MVP, Rhonda Ross, worked her magic by walking through the latest and greatest features of the Spring ’13 release in a live webinar. For those who could not be in attendance, we are providing a quick recap of the major items that she covered, along with a video of the entire presentation for your viewing pleasure.

Chatter Enhancements

  • Find in Group Feed – Users can now search for key words on the chatter group by clicking the magnifying glass icon, which will display a search text box. Posts and comments matching the search term are then displayed, with the matching term highlighted.
  • Enhanced People – This new feature shows you the recently viewed list, allowing users to quickly navigate to find contact information, view someone’s feed, or find a file someone posted.
  • Tasks – Now tasks created on the record detail page will appear in the users Chatter Feed and is automatically related to the record being viewed.
  • Additional Enhancements – Users can now post or ask questions in any group as a non-group member, Email digests increased from 25 to 50 items, and users now have the ability to like or bookmark a post/comment by replying to a chatter notification email and simply typing “like” or “bookmark” in the body of the email reply.

Mobile Enhancements

  • Salesforce Touch – Users can now access all standard and customs apps, not just the sales app. Also Chatter is no longer a requirement and additional objects such as cases, leads, person accounts, orders and products are now supported.  Touch also allows users to view dashboards in the tab panel.
  • Chatter for iOS 3.0 – There is now a refined user interface for Chatter on the iPhone, including a multidimensional publisher and performance enhancements.
  • Chatter for Android 2.6 – Users can now launch the app from any chatter link or email notification, as well as share posts via email or other social apps. Additionally users can now “re-share” to followers and groups. There are also two new feeds, “Bookmarked” and “All Company”.

Sales Cloud Enhancements

  • Forecasting Enhancements – Quarterly forecasts are now available and Partner Portal opportunities can be incorporated into forecasts.
  • Salesforce for Outlook Side Panel – This feature lets you see up to 4 Salesforce contacts and leads from From, To, and CC fields in your users’ emails.
  • Opportunity Sales Team Workflows
  • Person Account Formulas

Service Cloud Enhancements

  • Email Message Reporting – Email message object is now available in custom report types.
  • Chatter Answers – This is now available in Developer Edition orgs allowing admins and developers to test. Enhancements

  • State and Country Picklist
  • Controls for Sending Email – Admins now have the ability to set access of system generated emails. Newly created Sandboxes will default to System Email Only setting.
  • Back Page Feature – Field history data will be deleted after 18 months
  • Critical Updates – Allows you to control when a critical update will be enabled in your organization.

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