The Easy Way to Document Salesforce Like an Expert

February 5, 2015 Appirio

By Peter Martin


As we work with different clients, part of our knowledge transfer is to show how we configured Salesforce. Salesforce is great at documenting itself, just look at any configuration view:


Nevertheless, some clients prefer to have one central location to see all Salesforce configurations. Unfortunately, creating a workbook manually is an arduous task. But fortunately, we have found a cool trick that can make building a workbook a lot easier.

Introducing ColumnCopy

ColumnCopy is a Chrome extension (sorry Firefox, Safari and IE users) that provides a way to copy the contents of a column or table contained within a web page.

To install, click the Chrome Menu > Tools > Extensions


A new tab will open with existing installed extensions. Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Get More Extensions’


This will open yet another tab where you can search the Chrome store for Column Copy


Note that the Rate It button will show the ‘+ FREE’, click this and the extension will install in Chrome

How to Use

To use, go to the web page and right click within a table or column of data that you want to copy.


This will then bring up the menu to copy the data. This copies the data to the clipboard to be used in any app. I then copy the data into a Google Spreadsheet. This way I am quickly able to document apps, tabs, validation rules, etc. for the client.

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