Two New Google Calendar Features to Make Meetings Easier

February 19, 2014 Appirio

By Anne Frances Durfee

New features in Google Calendar make it easier for you to organize meetings with your coworkers and clients. Google Calendar now maps your meeting location and allows you to name your virtual Hangout.

Map Your Meeting Location

Planning to meet your client at a local restaurant? Going to an offsite conference? Google Calendar now maps your way by auto-completing addresses as you type them into the “Where” field of your calendar invitation!

When creating a calendar invitation, simply begin to type in the name of the location at which you would like to meet into the Where field. You’ll see that Google begins to autocomplete the address as you type. This ensures that all your invitees have the same accurate location in their calendar entries.

google calendar

When you and your guests are ready to meet, just click on the “map” link next to the “Where” field.

A new tab will show detailed location information including the address, directions, a detailed map view, contact phone number, and opening hours.

Name Your Hangout

One of Google Calendar’s latest feature releases allows domain users with Google+ Premium features to customize the name of their Hangout video calls. This makes it easier for employees and clients to attend a video meeting and to invite new guests during a Hangout (think no more long and randomized URLs).

When creating a calendar invitation, click the Add video call link to the right of the Video call field to add a Hangout video call to your meeting invitation.

A Google generated Hangout name will appear based on the names of event’s invitees.

To change the name of the Hangout video call, simply click Change name in the Video call field and enter the new name of the Hangout.

Click anywhere outside of the editing box to update the new name of your Hangout video call.

 Hopefully these two features will help you get more organized and make meetings that much easier.

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