Who's ready for Summer?…'13 that is…

June 19, 2013 Appirio

By Jason Dent
Yup, it’s that time of year again. Where Salesforce Admins around the world get that ear-to-ear grin in anticipation of the latest and greatest features being rolled out in the newest release of Salesforce. A couple weeks back, Salesforce published an updated version of their Summer ‘13 Release notes and we’ve begun to see several blog posts go up with commentary regarding people’s favorite additions.

One of the coolest aspects of this release in particular, is the fact that many of the new features and upgrades are a result of ideas posted to Salesforce.com’s IdeaExchange, a feature on the Salesforce Customer Community, where Salesforce users can connect with other customers, partners, product specialists and Salesforce employees to share ideas, ask questions and learn. Thanks to the suggestions of the community, over 40 ideas that were submitted via IdeaExchange are being rolled out in this release.

So in the same spirit, we thought we’d crowdsource our Salesforce MVPs and consultants to ask which of the upcoming features in Summer ‘13 they are most looking forward to utilizing. Here’s what they had to say:

Andres Gluecksmann, Director, CDM – @aglue

  • Owner fields available in workflow/validation rule (formulas)
  • Meta-data api enhancements supporting assignment rules and approval processes
  • Expanded/comprehensive report sharing options (before/after shots)
  • Opportunity Sales Team Splits (I’m calling this one out because it represents changes to core functionality that have been much needed for many years)
  • Related to Splits, you can now add custom fields to Pricebooks

Rhonda Ross, Senior Consultant – @crmdr

  • Being able to show checkmarks in reports for checkbox fields instead of the true/false values that always confused users and managers
  • Ability to search within a Chatter feed
  • Record types in Permission Sets
  • Custom Setting data copied as part of a Dev/Config Sandbox refresh
  • Owner fields available in workflow/validation rules – saves writing a ton of custom code

Vincent Oliver, Consultant

  • Custom Chatter actions, including creating related records via Chatter
  • Cross object formula using Owner ID, as per above posts

Peter Martin, Consultant

  • Owner lookup fields available in formula and validation
  • Approval process available in changeset
  • New user setup interface

Should you like clarification about any of these features, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section and we will respond. Additionally feel free to reach out directly to these Appirians above via Twitter. They are more than happy to engage with you and help where they can!

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