Technology and Change in the Telecommunications Industry

November 26, 2018

Appirio recently hosted a telecommunications industry Spotlight Dinner at the top of the Salesforce Tower (London) in the award-winning restaurant the Duck and Waffle. We welcomed leaders from some of the industry’s leading organizations for a roundtable discussion on the topics which mattered most to them. We are excited to share some of the themes that arose from the discussions and explore the telecommunications industry’s next moves.

The climate for telecommunications organisations has shifted in recent years, with huge disruption to the viability of traditional business models and revenue streams. We heard how financial pressures were leading to a reduction in headcount and manpower, whilst political pressures were driving up privacy and data requirements. 

5G Network

Advancements in technology

There were two main themes that arose during the Spotlight Dinner: Technology and Change. Digital disruption, organisational change, and the need to embrace technology were discussed at length. 

The mandate to “do more with less” was decreed and received unanimous agreement from the industry executives present. Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Bots were all mentioned as technologies that telecommunications organisations should be seeking to incorporate into their transformation journey. 

As innovation in this space becomes more readily available, those who do not use it, risk falling dangerously behind their competitors —  check out NiGEL for example, Appirio’s conversational bot.
Changes to the organisation

Organisational change was seen as one of the biggest barriers to technological advancement. Words like ‘change enablement,' ‘attitudes,' and ‘culture’ were all used to describe the issues around making an impact on technology. 

This reflects a greater trend that Appirio’s Strategy Team has seen across all industries, as we’ve helped organisations move their technology investments from implementation success to user success to financial success — we call it "Mind the Gap."

Transforming along with Salesforce

A common thread among those present was the use of Salesforce for a variety of purposes.  ut. As the discussion progressed, particular focus was given to the move from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning, and it provided insight into different avenues for organisations pursuing technological change. 

Two of the executives present spearheaded the move from Classic to Lightning at their organisation; they reported that much thought was given to whether to introduce the change slowly or if a big-bang style approach would work best. This particular organisation went for a big-bang approach and the resulting change program was a huge success.

All in the all, the dinner provided some provocative discussions and enlightening insights into what might be on the horizon for the telecommunications industry. 

Next steps

Whether it’s developing and using Bots and AI, such as NiGEL, Appirio’s Mind the Gap methodology for successful change programs, or the move from Classic to Lightning — we would be happy to help. And if you’re not ready to sit down and put together a plan of action, you can dive deeper into these topics on our Resource Hub.

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