The Future of Work: Spend time using the data, not compiling it

January 31, 2018

By: Derek Heim 

In the ever-changing environment of data analytics, it is crucial to navigate the various obstacles with ease and efficiency. Knowing how your organization uses data — as well as how this data is compiled — can be the first steps to developing a strategic plan to accomplish your industrial goals. Changing the way data is viewed and used will impact the way you engage with your customers, assist with making decisions, and systemize behavioral functions on a daily basis. 

Data is not something that should be disregarded as useless information. Recently, the importance of data compilation and usage was applied to leadership and high-level decision making in an article written by Forbes. This article points out how, “Big data is used to identify patterns and trends that can yield powerful insights into human interactions, especially consumer behavior.” 

This is where Appirio comes in

This is why an Appirio customer, Gas South, wanted to create a more centric platform for viewing, analyzing, and applying data. Wesley Rowe, a Pricing Analyst at Gas South, identified key issues that aided in the design and development of a revolutionary Salesforce implementation. “Before, without a centralized location like Salesforce, we were spending 75 to 80 percent of our time just trying to compile that data,” said Rowe. “Now, that [Salesforce] cuts it down to probably less than 25 percent to compile it.” 

The business world we live in is always looking for ways to evolve. Consequently, the environment in which consumers thrive is also transforming. Customers have access to millions upon millions of resources to help them determine what product or service they want, and who they are going to employ to execute it. Focusing more time and energy on applying data is a key to the Customer Experience that Gas South pursued. According to Rowe, the Salesforce solution created with Appirio’s guidance allows for Gas South to, “actually spend that extra time and resources to better [their] business, to find those new markets — or new opportunities — that [they] haven’t been able to see before.”  

Salesforce implementations have been changing the way organizations conduct business from the very beginning. Having an efficient, centralized platform for observing and testing your consumer data can (more likely will) change the way your business operates. Customer service, high-level decision making, and day-to-day operations will see a positive impact from these developments. Are you interested in learning more about how Appirio uses Salesforce to change the way our customers operate? Check our the Appirio Hub to see this software in action! 

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