Appirio DX: The Core Pillars of DevOps

January 2, 2020

Helping Teams Realize the Benefits of Version Control 

Software development is characterized by constant change. The need for innovation fuels this change. But how can you support continuous innovation without sacrificing trust? 

A decade ago, DevOps arose as an evolutionary approach to software development, focusing on improving efficiency, collaboration, and performance. But in the 2019 State of DevOps Report presented by Puppet, CircleCI, and Splunk, 79% of organizations surveyed were characterized in the medium stage for a DevOps evolution (pages 20 and 25). This percentage remained unchanged from the prior year. Clearly, moving to the advanced stages of DevOps is a struggle for many organizations. 

A critical component in the advanced stages of DevOps is version control. This allows your teams to develop, test, and deploy without chaos and confusion, and allows you to institute a code repository as the source of truth. 

Until recently, organizations could not enjoy all benefits of DevOps in the Salesforce ecosystem. But with Appirio DX, you can now fully embrace DevOps methodology. 

Appirio DX integrates common DevOps tools and provides your organization with a powerful process centered around version control. When version control is the source of truth, you can achieve efficiencies finding issues in code or eliminating discrepancies, allowing faster deployments that meet your customer demands. Version control can also enable your organization to manage and coordinate multiple streams of development, reducing the overall time and cost of a project. 

Appirio DX is giving organizations that develop in Salesforce a whole new way to practice DevOps. Whether you’re building, testing, or deploying, you can close the development experience gap with Appirio DX.  

Want to learn more? Schedule an Appirio DX demo with us. We would love to show you how Appirio DX enables you to easily manage version control and accelerate innovation while maintaining user trust.  

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