Leadership Roundtable Series: Architecting our Solution

January 14, 2020

Appirio's Solution Architect team crafts solutions not only keeping our customers in mind but also their end customers. We’re empathetic to the client’s teams and work closely to understand and appreciate their business problems and come up with a functionally, technologically, operationally and financially viable solution.  
We define the scope of the possible engagement and arrive at a feasible and timely technical solution/architecture, which can be delivered in a well-defined roadmap. 

Our approach to architecting a technical solution for our client is unique and involves:  

  • Identifying the right skill needs and optimal pricing model 
  • Identifying potential issues/risks for clients  
  • Highlighting Appirio’s capabilities and experiences to enable differentiation 
  • Pollinating cross-industry solutions/ideas and leveraging those learnings in our architecture 
  • Deriving an accurate estimate that delivers the project with virtually no cost overrun

Appirio's Solution Architects are highly qualified and certified in varied Salesforce certifications and they leverage this technical competence & expertise to craft best-of-breed solutions and project estimates for our clients. 

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Unlock & Discover the power ofAppirio + MuleSoft
Unlock & Discover the power ofAppirio + MuleSoft

For more info: https://thecloud.appirio.com/FY21-MuleSoft-Connect-Digital-Recap.html

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Leadership Roundtable Series - The Appirio Way
Leadership Roundtable Series - The Appirio Way