Leadership Roundtable Series - Closing the Experience Gap

December 20, 2019

We believe organizations need a long-term vision defining success to realize the value of their technology investment. Our approach beyond Platform as the solution and focus on the wants and outcomes that end-users need – not just the technology they have.   
Appirio is a unique partner that strives to deliver significant value quickly.  We're geared to identify the most efficient path for solving mission-critical business problems. We do this by leveraging a framework consisting of the 4 pillars of enterprise value: Implementation, User Experience, Operational and Financial Success. This is one of our key differentiators from traditional SIs, based on our culture and model.  

We deliver services that enable your business to maximize investment value and meet the expectations of key stakeholders. 

  • Inconsistency within implementations can be aligned to Implementation success
  • Lack of User adoption within the business can present a drag on the ROI, perception, and overall value to the organization.   
  • Silos and different maturity levels across the business can be associated with Operational Success
  • Deviations in delivering the above 3 objectives can lead to a gap in and impact the real Financial Success delivered to the client. 
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Leadership Roundtable Series - Call to action
Leadership Roundtable Series - Call to action

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