A Walkthrough of Appirio's Patient Onboarding Lightning Bolt

March 25, 2020

Streamline patient check-in and deliver personalized experiences with the Appirio Patient Onboarding Bolt, so you can focus on what matters: providing quality care. 

Build to maximize the value of your existing solution, the Bolt enables you to welcome patients, register them in your systems, and give them a positive first impression of how things work at your organization. 


  • Say goodbye to waiting room frustration; patients can fill in forms in advance of a walk-in or scheduled appointment 
  • Enable patients to conveniently and securely check-in online 
  • Make clipboards and ballpoint pens a thing of the past while reducing hand-written mistakes and illegible printing 
  • Reduce paperwork and save staff time transcribing forms 
  • Show patients relevant questions 
  • Give patients more ways to securely access their data and control their experience: mobile, desktop, tablet, in-office kiosk 
  • Deliver a digital experience with a clean, intuitive UX to help patients and healthcare providers find what they need, when they need it 

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