Innovating the Patient Experience with Salesforce: Ashfield Healthcare

December 20, 2018 Richard Boyd

Appirio and Ashfield team members winning a Salesforce award

Partnership in Paradise: Ashfield and Appirio Honored By Award

Today’s patients are taking a more active role in medical decision-making. Healthcare institutions are recognizing the shift towards increased patient autonomy and have focused their attention on providing a best-in-class patient experience.  According to research by McKinsey, healthcare facilities can promote patient loyalty by understanding their individual preferences and delivering more personalized care. In doing so, they can help drive better patient outcomes and reduce costly hospital readmissions.

Appirio, a Wipro company, has made a career out of improving an organization’s capabilities to strengthen and deepen the customer experience. That’s why when Ashfield Healthcare made the decision to implement a more intuitive platform for personalizing the patient experience, they chose to partner with Appirio.

A customized partnership

Up until 2016, Ashfield, a global leader in outsourced healthcare services, relied on a number of antiquated custom-built solutions and manual processes to interact with their patients. This resulted in customized developments and further delays anytime they needed to onboard a new client program. In addition, new GDPR regulations (HIPAA and the requirement to run a GxP-validated system) meant that Ashfield needed a solution that could easily and seamlessly be adapted to their evolving needs. 

Ashfield sought Appirio’s assistance to implement a solution that would help healthcare professionals and patients get the medicines, information, and support they needed. Together, they were able to realize this goal with the help of a single cloud ecosystem - Salesforce. 

Patients are the real winners

Appirio and Ashfield identified the Salesforce Health Cloud, Salesforce Shield, and Field Service Lightning to address their specific requirements and expand their existing capabilities. With these tools, Appirio helped Ashfield develop a unique mobile solution to act as a personalized support linchpin. 

Since go-live, this partner-driven application supports more than1,000 clinical educators providing informational healthcare to patients across the globe. Ashfield’s new solution also gives clinical educators anywhere, anytime access to their work schedules, clinic meetings, and patient referrals. And smaller added functions, like integration with Google Maps, helps medical staff maximize their time with patients.

An award worth winning

Partner Innovation Award from Salesforce 2018 logo

In honor of our hard work improving the Ashfield patient experience, Appirio was awarded the 2018 Salesforce Partner Award in the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industry. This award celebrates Ashfield and Appirio’s joint effort in delivering a multi-organizational Salesforce Health Cloud and Field Service Lightning solution, based on the following key criteria:

  • Incorporation of key core and emerging technologies
  • Compelling nature of the business challenge
  • Customer ROI or leading (measurable) success indicators
  • Transformative nature of the project
  • Ecosystem breadth - the inclusion of multiple technologies 
  • Customer leadership in industry

This award is the most recent feather in Appirio’s hat - to find out more about our previous Innovation Awards and prizes, visit the Awards Hub. And to discover how Ashfield’s Salesforce journey is evolving, click here


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