Workday: Trade a Cluttered Desk for a Single Source of Truth

August 24, 2017 Rachel Illingworth


How Moen Traded a Cluttered Desk for a Single Source of Truth With Workday

Moen is a successful faucet and fixture brand name with thousands of employees, yet not so long ago, they struggled with multiple legacy HR systems with which to track those workers. These various payroll and benefits systems supplied inconsistent data, prohibiting business leaders from a consolidated view of the organization. As a result, HR staff would spend countless hours working on reports and other manual processes, instead of higher value strategic initiatives.

Lisa Feiler, HRIS & HR Administration for Moen, explained that “it used to take me hours, and days, in order to get a simple headcount report from various sources in disparate systems.”

But how can Moen transform the collective, separated HR systems they’ve used for decades into a single source of truth?



Moen’s first response was to partner with Appirio to create a journey map that outlined where and how they needed to boost their worker productivity and functionality — through a complete makeover. They’d need to ditch their current ADP payroll platform, and instead implement the Workday HCM and Compensation platform, with a fully-integrated payroll system, time tracking metrics, and employee benefits — all in one easily accessible location.

After the Workday revitalization, much of the HR budget is now directed toward more strategic initiatives, rather than report creation and other administrative tasks. Feiler explained, “Workday is our single source of truth … And it’s not only for a single location, but it’s our whole company, globally.”

Even better, there’s a noted shift in worker productivity. Employees and managers are enthusiastic about their access to the new Workday mobile. This easy access means less “hassle” for employees who want a day off, and stronger onboarding support for new hires.

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