Appirio Gamifies Learning with the VC@Play Game

February 22, 2019

At Appirio, we take pride in delivering a different experience as we help our clients close their customer and employee experience gaps. 

Our mantra is “happy workers make happy customers, and happy customers make happy workers.” We use the Appirio Virtuous Cycle framework to help our clients assess their current customer and worker experiences and develop a vision and strategy to build on their capabilities and succeed in a fast-moving, competitive landscape. 

A great example that illustrates the Appirio difference and helps our clients understand how the Virtuous Cycle works, is our approach to building customer relationships. Instead of putting together a sleek presentation deck, we do something a little more fun and outside the ordinary — we play a board game!   

How the game works

In the VirtuousCycle@Play game, the Appirio project team arrives at a client’s site and asks each stakeholder to assume a leadership role at a fictional company. The stakeholders are given a specific strategy and goals around the customer and/or worker experience, based on where it is in the business life cycle.

Appirio VC@Play Board Game Piece

If your fictional company is a startup, you would focus on building product awareness and making your employees more productive. If your fictional company is more mature, you would focus on converting your customers into raving fans who amplify your brand message and introduce technology and tools that will make your employees more agile and collaborative with one another and with customers.   

Game board and logistics

Once each player is familiar with their company and its goals, they are given a game board to measure progress toward those goals. The game board has six colored spokes, with three spokes representing specific elements of customer experience (aware, satisfied, amplified), and three spokes representing specific elements of worker experience (engaged, productive, agile). Depending on a fictional company’s goals, those elements need to be improved to hit basic, brave, or bold targets on the game board.

A matching colored peg is placed on the zero position on each of the six spokes. Next, players draw from a pool of shuffled square tiles that represent different projects and initiatives their company might pursue to deliver better customer and/or worker experiences. Each tile has a full circle in the middle representing the direct impact that a project will have, as well as four half-circles. One half-circle is placed on each side of the tile representing the tangential opportunities a project might have if aligned with other organizational priorities. 
Game objectives

Over the course of the game, each player gets to select 18 tiles to play for their specific company. Players attempt to place their tiles to deliver on three objectives: 

Appirio VC@Play Game Board tiles

  • Deliver on the customer experience and worker experience goals indicated on their game boards
  • Match as many half-circles as possible on the tiles to create synergy between the selected projects (this represents the company’s profits)
  • Create as large a rectangle of connected tiles as possible (this represents the company’s growth)

Final scores are calculated by how well players are able to meet the three objectives, with the first objective being the most important. At the end of the game, players come away with a better understanding of the types of projects and initiatives that can help to drive specific capabilities for delivering world-class customer and worker experiences.

Fun and educational

Players have fun comparing their progress to that of their competitors around the table (not unlike doing business in a true, competitive marketplace). While the goals of each player’s fictional company may be different, each player is drawing from the same shared pool of tiles which represent the resources they need to turn their goals into reality. 

VC@Play game players also reflect on a fun and engaging experience that helps them understand Appirio’s Virtuous Cycle framework — a great launching pad into a conversation about their real company’s specific vision, strategy, goals, and desired customer and worker experience outcomes that Appirio can partner with them to deliver.

We love to help our clients optimize their customer experience and worker journey.  We believe in gamifying learning and integrating real-world business scenarios into the learning experiences we create. Gamified learning is a fun, shared experience. It’s a great way to kick off a project, get the creative juices flowing, and get people excited about what it takes to deliver world-class customer experiences and worker experiences. 

Ready to play again? 
Check out Appirio@Play, another board game we use to teach Appirians and our clients about our approach and the key elements for successful project implementation.  

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