How Space, Technology, and Culture Engages Workers

August 2, 2017 Rachel Illingworth

Employee Experience Advantage author and thought leader, Jacob Morgan, believes companies need three things to build a successful Worker Experience (WX) — culture, technology, and physical space. Culture is essentially how you feel doing your work, technology is the tools you have access to, and physical environment is where you work. Ensuring that all three of these parts are addressed equally is important to having employees who are engaged.

According to Morgan, “Culture is important because it’s the central nervous system of the organization.” Many companies are aware of (and tend to obsess over) the corporate culture environment. But in their effort to grasp culture, they lose sight of the other two aspects of successfully engaged workers. The Future of Work expert went on to say that, “Sometimes organizations will do two out of the three things. But the leading organizations do a fantastic job of investing in all three.” Morgan is right — the leading organizations on the forefront of the WX movement prove that you must also integrate technology and physical space to gain successfully engaged workers.


We want to help you enrich company culture, provide tools for employee success, and offer the physical space that will engage your workers. Read our Recipe for Worker Engagement to find out how strengthening WX can drive profits and company success. Additionally, we invite you to attend a free Virtuous Cycle Diagnostic Workshop to determine how we can help you strengthen your worker engagement.

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